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Cola Miners vs. Biblical Creatures! All new tale picking up from where the critically acclaimed CARBON graphic novel left off. Jacob “Heat” Hatfield leads Eden’s survivors away from the liquefied sea of the burning coal but the chaos of a rapidly accelerating environmental disaster
threatens to engulf the Earth. With the cryptic message of “Go to the Burning
Spring. Make Red Salt,” the survivors race ahead of a double threat of the
carbon demons and the new government militia.


For almost a century, St John thought his life was over. As it turns out, it was just on hold. When he and his former commander discover an old friend brutally murdered, they team up to find the person or persons responsible. As they start to unravel the mystery surrounding their friend’s death, it soon becomes apparent that the murder was just a small piece in a much bigger game. A game that puts St John on a collision course with the man who took everything from him, a lifetime ago. And driven by anger and a desire to settle old scores, that's right where he wants to be. For St. John and a group of others are immortals and their time to quietly hide in this modern age of technology may now be running out.

It Looks Back

A mash-up of hard-boiled detective noir and Lovecraftian horror. Set in the roaring 1920's Chicago, the story follows a private detective Brennan O'Sullivan as he is hired to investigate the mysterious death of a reporter. He follows his only lead - a jagged, cryptic symbol – and it is this trail that will lead him to unknown horrors hiding at the edge of reality. Soon he begins to be plagued with bizarre visions that point to a seemingly normal nightclub. However when bodies are discovered in the hidden floorboards, what will happen to O’Sullivan's mind?


A fantasy-horror story in the style of Stranger Things meets Alice in Wonderland about a girl whose dreams are literally becoming real. What starts off as a strange adventure through nightmares and dreams soon becomes an examination of trauma and recovery. When Abigail dreams, she goes to a terrible place. A world of blight and ruin, inhabited by a dark entity that pursues her relentlessly. Once these were passed off as disturbed childhood dreams, she soon finds figments of her nightmares bleeding into the waking world.

How to Survive

A man wakes up naked, alone, and the apparent victim of a terrible plane crash. However, there are no other survivors and, strangely enough, no evidence of fatalities either. With no memory of how he got there and limited survival skills, he must withstand the elements, face vicious predators, and search for clues as to how and why he came to be in this wilderness. Overwhelmed with these tasks, he begins to feel a growing paranoia that someone or something is watching him.


Prepare for s new hero. A hero that has tasted the stench of evil’s darkness yet has also touched the goodness in men’s hearts. A hero that rewards as well as punishes. A hero that battles street crimes as well as that which crosses supernatural dimensions. The hero is NIGHTLINGER and the shadows are his domain. And joining him is his sexy female assistant, Mike, who keeps Nightlinger embedded in the realm of humanity. From one troubled person to the next the plain black business cards with the gold lettering are passed. "I had a problem like yours once," the donor confesses. "This card got me out of it."

Live, Die, Reload

A unique blending of Dirty Harry style and the Italian Pulp Films of the 1970's. Detective Croneberg is a hard-nosed cop who has seen a 400% increase in violent crime under the leadership of an unpopular Mayor. When Croneberg is called in to investigate the theft of an ancient Sword from a museum Japanese exhibition, it leads him into the city's underbelly of greed and corruption. During his search Croneberg learns how dangerously close the police are to losing control of the city. When a strange green fog begins to envelop the city, the case takes an unexpected turn and leads Croneberg to the Mayor and the truth of the stolen Sword.

Wrath of God

The a vein similar to THE CROW. Second chances are something that are rarely given to humans, even more rarely when Death is the entity giving it to them. Yet, on an ordinary rainy day Death gives Eric Block, a desperate father who has buried his daughter Aurora just few days before, a unique opportunity: seven days of immortality in which to avenge her. The catch? When the seven days are over, he must join his daughter in the afterlife. Now the father shall unleash the wrath upon those responsible in the time he has left. 

Infinity: A Tale of the Inferno

Detective John Dante's wife is murdered by an immortal serial killer and her soul sent to Hell. Now Dante must trust in the magic of a mysterious Gypsy woman who owes him a debt from the future (or was it the past?) in order to transcend the barrier between life and death. Using a glyph of power that allows its wielder to pass through the nine planes of Hell, Dante will partner up with Clarence Virgil, a 1940's era Chicago Blues guitarist, while evading the pursuit of lost souls, raging demons, and horrors beyond the veil of the living world in the hopes of reuniting with his estranged wife - all the while reliving the events that led up to his descent into the inferno. 

The Shepherd

DOCTOR STRANGE meets THE CROW. Professor Lawrence Miller falls in a vortex of guilt & anger after enduring the death of his teenage son from a drug overdose. He cannot shake the sense that his son is a lost soul, wandering between heaven and earth. Grieving and profoundly disturbed, he opts for suicide, pursuing his son into the afterlife. Once there he encounters his deceased father and is given a pendant of great power. Unfortunately, in Lawrence's hands it becomes a weapon that allows him to unleash his fury on those who brought the drugs to his son, leaving a trail of insanity and chaos in his wake. 

Flesh & Steel

Inspired by the legend of the Golem creature. From exile, a guardian Golem of steel is summoned back into battle! Enticed by the promise of a place amongst men, the Golem heeds the call of the newly ascended Emperor in his campaign to destroy the very Resistance who created and abandoned him. Raising his blade against those he once swore to protect, the Golem will face his greatest battle yet in a conflict that will test everything he is made of and lead him to discover the difference between weapon and warrior.


In the tradition of Stephen King’s CASTLE ROCK TV Series. Lovecraftian weaves classic H. P. Lovecraft characters like Herbert West and Randolph Carter and tales such as “The Call of Cthulhu”, “The Colour Out of Space”, and others, into a grand new singular contemporary universe narrative.  The first novel in this series introduces The Shipwright Circle, a gaggle of scholarly and creative friends at Miskatonic University in legend-haunted Arkham, Massachusetts. At the same time medical student Herbert West’s experiments in reanimating the dead take an unexpected turn as a monstrous plague descends upon Arkham even as a cannibal man-beast rampages through its streets. The ultimate coming together of Lovecraft tales like never before.

Beck & Caul Investigations

Werewolves, monsters and voodoo set in the city of New Orleans, Beck and Caul are paranormal detectives who scrounge the streets of this dark, mystical city in order to combat and protect people from supernatural attacks and occurrences. Jonas Beck in moments of extreme circumstance often takes on the characteristics of a wolf which directly links him to the demonic realm of the Underside, while Mercedes (Caul) Guillana herself possesses the attributes of a powerful psychic.

Raven Chronicles

A team of unique paranormal investigators under the guidance of the mysterious Edgar Allen Raven search for answers in strange situations and bizarre cases when their specialties are needed and the authorities are without a normal, rational clue. From spontaneous human combustion to mind control powers, from UFO's to vampires, the members of Raven Inc. only think they've seen it all. And not all of them agree on the causes or solution. It's the X-Files meets Mission Impossible.

Saint Germaine

A critically acclaimed series compared favorably to Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' comic series. He is a being who claims immortality yet has died a thousand deaths. He has traversed the paths of mankind for untold years. He is the purveyor of light in a world slowly being consumed by shadows. He is Saint Germaine and death to him is nothing more than a state of consciousness. Part of his story is the love/hate relationship he has with his long time lover, Lilith. She steals men's minds with her shadowy creatures that suck up the memories and feed her the victim's remembrances. In her desperate attempt to understand life, she tried to join the human race, only to watch as her loved ones died in her arms of old age. She blames Germaine for making her what she is...and now she wants revenge.

Sin Eternal

A man finds himself lost...until he is led into the very depths of Hell itself. And he wonders, as he observes the terrible fates of the sinners...what could be in store for him? Sin Eternal is more than just a re-tooling of the immortal classic, Dante's Inferno. It plants itself firmly in the modern world and away from the political crimes that dominated Dante's work. The story covers the travels of the man who is sent to hell. To examine the various torments and punishments that the sinners of Earth are forced to face each moment of eternity. From the slovenly gluttons to the fates of the suicides, from the heretics to the thieves, a variety of different levels are covered.


So you think you know the truth about magic - Wicca, Voodoo, Chaos, Tarot, call it what you will - well, think again. But this isn't the old school of speaking in rhymes and staged theatrics - there are real fundamental elements at work on our everyday lives so powerful, so dangerous they could tear the very fabric of reality asunder. But who shall protect us from this impending onslaught? The Disciples. And they must now battle the Knights Templar who wish to resurrect a long forgotten god in order to create a new world order. 

Ghost Sonata

A Gothic-style suburbia tale in similar vein to recent popular horror, supernatural films. Here is a gifted young man named Issac who can sense and feel the thoughts of others and is caught in a web of despair and secrets from years gone past as he becomes an unwilling participant in a prison of lies and deceit that has invaded a family's home. Isaac falls in love with Adele, one of those that lives in that house. And now he too joins the legacy of torment that plagues the dwelling. The wish is that a love of truth can finally lift the depression but Isaac must make a choice that could forever plunge both his and Adele's life into one of hope...or misery. Based loosely on the work by August Strindberg.