Published as 5 comic issues and Graphic Novel

Black and White print

All Publishing and Media rights available

Detective Croneberg is a hard-nosed cop who has seen a 400% increase in violent crime under the leadership of an unpopular Mayor. When Croneberg is called in to investigate the theft of an ancient Sword from a museum Japanese exhibition, it leads him into the city's underbelly of greed and corruption. During his search Croneberg learns how dangerously close the police are to losing control of the city. When a strange green fog begins to envelop the city, the case takes an unexpected turn and leads Croneberg to the Mayor and the truth of the stolen Sword. For the Sword has the power to resurrect a powerful and ancient Army of Samurai that must serve the wielder and that Army is hidden in the strange fog, awaiting the instructions from their new master - the Mayor. The Mayor will command the Army to annihilate all criminals in order to ensure his own re-election. Croneberg is now torn between loyalty to a Mayor who seems intent on destroying the city in order to save it and protecting a citizenry who have lost faith in the law and the Police. Will Croneberg turn on the Mayor and attempt to destroy the Sword or will he allow the Mayor to kill a majority of everyone in the city to stop the daily violence and bloodshed?

Written by: Stefano Cardoselli

Illustrated by: Stefano Cardoselli

A unique blend of Dirty Harry style and Italian Pulp Films of the 1970s

Live, Die, Reload

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