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Raven Chronicles is about an investigative team that explores the paranormal. Led by the mysterious Edgar Allan Raven, the team searches for answers to questions that most won’t even ask. From UFO’s, to vampires, to mysterious computer viruses, to spontaneous human combustion, no subject is taboo, no mystery is unsolvable. Although the series has been compared as a cross between Mission Impossible and X-Files, it does not have the complete obsession with governmental conspiracy that was portrayed in those stories.


Premise: A unique team of operatives, under the auspices of the mysterious organization of Raven, Inc., brought together to investigate any and all cases of paranormal activity. Formed of both skeptics and believers alike, the team is often called in by standard or local authorities when cases prove to be too bizarre, too unusual, or just plain unsolvable. Covering the entire spectrum of the unknown, from the supernatural to the dark side of man, Raven, Inc., searches for answers in areas that most people refuse to acknowledge exist.


The operatives include a basic team of six plus additional consultants who all specialize in different areas.


Brief Description: Raven Chronicles is about a team called in to investigate any case that appears unsolvable or even illogical. Raven Inc. delves into the supernatural, real life horrors, and everything in between.


Key Elements: Mystery. Intrigue. Suspense. Horror. Science Fiction. Conspiracy. Raven Chronicles covers it all. With a large ensemble cast, it allows for many varying views and character traits to develop.


Association: Mix Mission Impossible with X- Files, and you can get a good idea of Raven Chronicles.


Format: The comic series has been developed so that each issue is a wholly self-contained story and theoretically, any issue could be picked up and enjoyed. Raven Chronicles works best as an ongoing series.


Additional: Interest in the paranormal and new age is at an all-time high. One great facet of Raven Chronicles is that it is not afraid to leave some questions unanswered and sometimes it will reveal "paranormal" activities as outright fakes.



 “I don’t think Caliber has published a weak issue to date...I think you’ll be sticking with The Raven Chronicles for the long haul.” - Tony Isabella, Tony’s Tips, CBG


“Top Ten!” - Comic Shop News


“I score it a 10” - Jacob Gilbert


“Very impressed with Raven Chronicles…..” - Craig T. Powell, freelance reviews  


“...Raven Chronicles is one of my favorite comics I like to read. It is like the X-Files, but more cutting edgy.” - BuckSatan, CompuServe Forum




"The Bloodfire" - The Raven team is called in to investigate an inexplicable wave of deaths caused by spontaneous human combustion. As they begin to explore the cases, they cross paths with a mysterious group called The Vampire Killers. Somehow the cases are linked and it is a matter of life and death as the Raven team races to find a connection.


"The Landing Zone" - It's typical small town USA where good old traditional values are still the benchmark for a way of life. That is, until "IT" was built...The Landing Zone. A beacon to worlds on the outer limits of space that mankind has now prepared to offer its hospitality and welcome the visitors from beyond. The Raven Inc. team is called in to investigate the numerous sightings of UFO’s in Ellentown, WI. With both skeptics and believers among the Raven members, will the investigation lead to a new era of mankind or will The Landing Zone prove to be built of only hopes and dreams?


 "The Rain People" - As the Raven group travels to Brazil for extradition of an escaped prisoner, they discover that the escapee claims to have unique powers. The team must venture into the Amazon jungle and there discover a new society of "enhanced" people who believe they are the evolutionary hope for mankind. Can Raven Inc. escape this society especially when one of their own members is designated as one of the 'Rain People'?


"Heartstopper" - There are reports of a ghost appearing periodically along Highway 17 and when the Raven team seeks to uncover the mystery behind the ghostly apparition they cross paths with the Red Knighthood that terrorizes travelers on the highway. But what secrets from Annie Downs' past threatens the night time drivers on Highway 17?


"Triad" - Three short stories that take a closer look at some of the characters of Raven Inc. In "Quote the Raven", Manny Cahncu dwells on his choices in life. In "Paying the Piper", Miles Eddington tries to understand the secretive world of fellow Raven member Curt Davis, and in "A Fairy Tale", we see how Amy Berg first came to Raven Inc.


"The Healer" - A faith healer is on the run. On the run from the government who want to "examine" him and his supposed capabilities. Raven Inc. is called in and the husband/wife duo of Kent and Michelle Connors find themselves stuck in the middle between sceptics, believers and the authorities . Whose side do they choose and at what price?


"The Ghost in the Machine" - When Raven Inc. member Amy Berg, the girl with the extra sensory abilities taps into a computer hack who has disrupted the U.S. Army's defense system, she finds herself pulled into the computer itself and discovers that she is not the only one.


"The Man with No Face" - What happens when a computer virus, suspected as coming from outer space, infiltrates a military complex? Only the Raven team can be relied upon to discover the answers in time to head off the mass mobilization of a potential holocaust. Or so they think.


"Wolf Country" - A series of sheep killings by wolves draws Raven members Manny Chancu and Adam Basura to Wyoming. Although nothing at first might seem unusual about this, but when reports of wolves standing on their hind legs are circulated, it's time for Raven Inc. to check it out more seriously, especially since it involves ties from Manny's past.


"The Ghost of Alonzo Mann" - Based on the true life saga of the murder of young Mary Phagen in 1913 and the lynch hanging of the convicted murderer Leo Frank in 1915. One of the Raven members claims to see the ghost of a man named Alonzo Mann who claimed 80 years later to know what had happened to Mary. What secret does he hold for a case nearly 80 years old?


"Dead Lands" - The nuclear disaster at Chernobyl is a catastrophe that we are now beginning to fully realize. The Raven team embarks on an overseas mission to uncover and capture a murderer preying on the victims of Chernobyl.


"The Compensators" - A series of strange occurrences take place in Millerston, Maine. Strange occurrences in the form of bizarre murders. One victim is found full of pins, another is completely dismembered, and a third is found with the eyes gouged out. It seems like a case of revenge murders but how could a 10 year old boy be a victim? Members of the Raven team are called in to investigate.


"Leader of the Pack" - The Raven team heads to Australia as a wave of attacks from Dingo Dogs terrorizes the small town of Wallagonga that has a population of 823 and counting down. As Raven members Lonnie Talbot, Kent and Michelle Connors search out the answers, they find a startling discovery.


"The Miracle Wonderland Carnival Company" - A bizarre series of events has Raven member Adam Basura stepping into a world of conspiracy, assassinations, rumors, and suspicions...all created by a company to give the 'boring' world a little bit of excitement.


 "Spoonbenders" - A look into the investigation of Macropsychokinesis...mind over matter...the exploration of the psychic mind. And Raven members Kent Connors is forced to team up with Curt Davis for such an investigation, but what agenda is Davis really following?


"Heart of the Dragon" - Some say there's no such thing as a haunted house but when the Raven team is called in to investigate a research team that claims they've discovered one, they find out that sometimes evil can exist in many different forms.




Covering the entire spectrum of the unknown, from the supernatural to the dark side of man, Raven, Inc. searches for answers in areas that most people refuse to acknowledge exists. The operatives include a basic team of six members plus an additional force of different consultants who all specialize in different areas.


Edgar Allen Raven

                Little is known about the founder of Raven Inc. What is known is that he was born clinically dead, but was immediately revived and christened Edgar Allen Raven by his parents. While he hates his full name and few people even know he has a first name, Raven has been fascinated with the occult and strange phenomenon since his early years. Why his interest is so strong and why he formed Raven Inc. is unknown. Raven claims to be the “man who was never born,” since he wasn’t alive during the actual delivery. This is his idea of humor. He formed the group in 1990 since he saw a need to help people and explain the un-explainable. At least that is the reason he gives. What his true motivation are, only he knows. Raven has a pet crow, called Odin, that he talks to as if the bird knows all the answers. Odin joined the group because Raven likes to feed him plump mice.


Dr. Lonnie Talbot

                Dr. Talbot has degrees in medicine and chemistry and is considered the most practical of the Raven operatives or as some of them would say, skeptical. She is the one to delay the others from jumping to conclusions and to temper the excitement about possible forays into the unknown. Of all the operatives, she has had the longest relationship with Raven and was the first to officially join his organization although they have known each other for a longer time prior to the startup of Raven Inc. There seems to be some connection with Raven when she was younger but it is an issue that is not brought up. She joined the organization for two reasons. One is to help debunk the wild nonsense about paranormal activity that obscures any possible true events and two, because Raven asked her to. Talbot formerly worked for the Philadelphia Police Department and was involved in their forensics department. It was rumored that she had an affair with Detective Michael Brandon while on staff and some believe that was the reason she left. She claims it was because of departmental politics and the bureaucracy. Her and Brandon remain close friends.


Kent Connors

                A mechanical engineer who can seemingly fix anything, Kent had his designs on playing football. A second team All-American at Alabama, a knee injury curtailed his career and he concentrated on his studies. Kent is a strong believer in UFO’s and considers the Roswell incident the greatest cover-up in U.S. history. It was his interest of investigating potential alien abductions that first brought him into contact with Raven and he joined, along with his wife. Kent still maintains his athletic physique but is bothered considerably about his early balding which accounts for his ever present hat. Although his marriage is an inter-racial one, it seems to be a non-issue with almost everyone he meets, possibly due to his charming personality and outgoing manner.


Michelle Connors

                The wife of Kent, Michelle was an army brat. Her father was a soldier who served in Vietnam and surprised his parents with a wife when he returned. Michelle lived in numerous locations while growing up and this developed her personality into a quick and likable person who most people instantly enjoy her company. She is extremely quick witted and a fast thinker on her feet. Known for her ability to rapidly assess a situation and adapt to it, she is a welcome addition to any investigation. A computer hack, Michelle also shares her husband’s interest in UFO’s and other weirdness. She loves to tease her husband about his cooking and that he can’t program a DVD.


Adam Basura

                Adam is an ex-FBI agent who claims he got burned out with what he was doing. He was considered one of the best at investigative techniques and rarely missed anything at a crime scene investigation. Usually he will handle most of the crime scenes unless it deals with human death and then he will defer only to Dr. Talbot’s medical background. He spent a great amount of time at Quantico teaching about the behavior profiles of serial killers but his theories were considered radical. Very quiet and reserved, his abrupt manner may have led to his relationship deteriorating with the brass at the FBI. A martial arts master, Adam is a strong believer in holistic attitudes regarding both mind and body and feels everything should be based solely on observation and not preconceived beliefs.


Amy Berg

                Amy Berg is officially a ward of Dr. Talbot although she “unofficially” lives at the Raven headquarters. Talbot maintains a parental relationship in some aspects but Amy looks to all of the different Raven operatives for guidance, depending on what advice she wants to follow. Amy’s past life is a subject she refuses to discuss and except for Lonnie Talbot and Raven himself, few know her true story. She is going through the typical post puberty teenage years and is often a bit cranky. Always dressed in black T-shirt and jeans, she is like many young girls in that she doesn’t really know what she wants right now, but is well aware of what she doesn’t want. She looks up to Raven mainly because he seems so dark and mysterious and also seems to understand her without being condescending. She would do anything he long as she felt like it. Amy seems to have a special ability in that she can apparently ‘sense’ things. This precognitive skill is undeveloped and sporadic and unlikely to survive scientific scrutiny. She seems unconcerned about it and has no interest in attempts to hone her ability in this matter.


Emmanuel Chancu

                Emmanuel or ‘Manny’ as he is usually referred to was a freelance writer who used to handle a regular column for some of the nation’s top newspapers. He tired of writing about the same old news and wanted to learn more of what is seldom written about. Some of the material uncovered is used for his books and articles which he writes under a variety of assumed names. He is continually after Raven to allow him to publish many of the cases but Raven is reluctant to allow the events that have transpired to go public. Manny keeps his true beliefs to himself and most of the others are unsure of how he stands on many paranormal subjects. While fascinated by the activities of Raven Inc., Manny sometimes feels intimidated by the others because they can be so dogmatic in their beliefs. This may be because Manny is the newest member of Raven or perhaps because Manny has an oscillating belief that will sway based on a persuasive argument.


Miles Eddington

                Sometimes referred to as the “front man” of Raven Inc., Miles serves as the assistant to Raven. However, it is a much more important role than the title would suggest. In virtually all cases, whether public or private, if you want to get to Raven, you have to go through Miles first. Miles is seldom involved directly with any cases but is always available for any necessary reasons. He handles all of the finances and legal situations that the Raven team may be involved in. Not much is known about his background except that he graduated from Harvard and has a Doctorate’s degree in Economics, specializing in Corporate Infra-structural Management. It is rumored that Raven paid for his education in a deal that would bring Miles into the employ of Raven Inc.


Curt Davis

                A mysterious man who seems to handle a great deal of “dirty work” for Raven Inc. Not a companion of any of the operatives by any means, the others look upon Davis with disdain and confusion. It is a constant question of why Raven would be associated with such a man who is regarded as a mercenary and/or fixer, but the only resolution is the cryptically discussed “time in Indiana” and only Raven seems to understand.


Dale Hackworth

                Dale’s primary purpose for Raven Inc. is one of research. He is one of those types that seemingly know a little about everything. Seldom brought out into the field, Dale would much rather prefer to stay at his research center at Raven Inc. which led to him eventually moving into the office in order to save time in commuting back and forth. Dale, who has a very good grasp of the rapidly changing world, detests much of the changes that are occurring in the modern society. He hates jet planes, cable television, and electronic games. He also claims to hate computers but is considered a master at programming and software but admits he sometimes has trouble figuring out how to turn the things on.

The X-Files meets Mission Impossible

Created by: Gary Reed

Written by: Gary Reed, Jim Alexander, Scott Andrew, Colin Clayton, Jeff Lang

Published over 16 issues & 4 graphic novels

Black and White print

All Publishing and Media rights available

Raven Chronicles