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Written by: Steve Philip Jones

Illustrated by: Aldin Baroza, S. Clarke Hawbaker

Published over two issue comic book series

Black and White print

All Publishing and Media rights available

​Feature Film script available

Nightlinger: Creature of the Night





A new hero.


A hero that has tasted the stench of evil’s darkness yet has also touched the goodness  in men’s hearts.


A hero that rewards as well as punishes.


A hero that battles street crimes as well as that which crosses supernatural dimensions.


The hero is NIGHTLINGER and the shadows are his domain. And joining him is his sexy assistant, Myke who keeps Nightlinger embedded in the realm of humanity.


From one troubled person to the next the plain black business cards with the gold lettering are passed.


"I had a problem like yours once," the donor confesses. "This card got me out of it."


There is only an address on the card, to the Haunted Bookshop in Minneapolis, where a fat man named Stick sits behind the counter. This fat man will patiently listen to your tale of woe, may even ask you a question or two, but in the end all he will do is wish you well, leaving you nothing to do except to go home.


Sometimes nothing happens to rectify a problem; more often than not, the predicament is resolved. Permanently. In the latter case a letter appears in your mail requesting a small donation to support the Haunted Bookshop. Most folks are only too happy to comply.


For a while after your predicament is resolved you may carry the card around in your wallet or your purse. You might even forget it is in there. Until one day when someone tells you their tale of woe, and you instinctively reply, "I had a problem like yours once."


Underneath the streets and sewer-lines of Hull is buried the remains of Universal City, a township that thrived outside frontier Minneapolis over a century ago, most of its Victorian homes and shops where destroyed in a range fire that swept across Minnesota in 1897. The enterprising people of Minneapolis saw the opportunity to expand their borders and annexed Universal City, building right over whatever survived the fire.


If you ride one of the select man-lifts down far enough underground it will bring you to the grave that is Universal City, where the sky is made up of rafters and concrete and steam pipes; where empty trolley cars occasionally roll by vacant structures; and where on some nights, lights burn inside the old Universal City library where Feril Nightlinger tinkers, builds, studies and hides away when he wants or desperately needs to be alone.


It is down here, it should be mentioned, that those plain black business cards with the gold lettering are printed up.



Brief Description: Feril Nightlinger is a mystery man. One of the world’s most famous illusionists, he also delves into the supernatural in his ever abiding need to help people. Perhaps, it is because he is not....human, that is.


Key Elements: Supernatural, magic, and the solving of mysteries beyond most human understanding. Nightlinger is a striking figure, striking against evil


Association: Sort of a supernatural Batman mixed in with Kolchak the Night Stalker and a touch of The Equalizer, Nightlinger provides a wide array of potential horrors to solve and justice to deliver.


Format: Nightlinger has been published over two comic issues released from Caliber Comics and has been featured as an online comic.