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GLADIATOR meets ROME. Before Rome was an empire, it was a city and a people born from legend. The Roman kings began a legacy of triumph and conquest that would last for centuries. However, as they grew in power, the priests of the city realized the danger of their tyranny. Members of the secretive Cult of Angerona dedicated their lives to serve as the city's protectors.  Men and women from the underbelly of Roman society were enlisted to be their agents. The best of them formed an elite team that could go where soldiers could not and citizens dared not. These Infamia were the very people that society had turned its back on: actors, gladiators, prostitutes, and gamblers. They would operate, unseen and unthanked, to fend off the forces which threatened Rome.  The first Infamia predate the Republic. With each new threat, a team emerges from the shadows to do what the great and the good cannot.  ​

Climbing the Dragon's Ladder

​​HBO's ROME meets Gladiator. Perpetua was a martyr (d. March 7, 203), a mystic and, interestingly enough, the first known woman Christian writer. She left behind a diary that outlined her experiences, feelings and visions as she languished in prison, awaiting her execution. Sometime after her death, a Christian eyewitness to these brutal events edited her journal and appended additional relevant materials such as a vision recorded by one of her companions and a ‘blow by blow’ account of the martyrs’ final moments in the arena.  This work is known as the Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas.

Knights of the Skull

Tales of the Waffen SS. Stories told by German soldiers as they faced the daunting task of defending the Russian Front during WWII. Presented by noted historical comic writer/artist Wayne Vansant.


The history of one of the Civil War's greatest generals to lead the southern armies, Stonewall Jackson.

Life and Death of Jesus

Comic book publication that utilizes passages from the Bible and chronicles the life and death of Jesus Christ. All with accompanying fantastic illustrations by legendary Gustave Dore of each pivotal scene. With additional text information about the time before, during, and after Jesus Christ.

In Thin Air: Amelia Earhart

In 1937, world famous aviator, Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan left on a journey around the world. It was a journey that they would never complete. Her fate remains a mystery to this day. Here are presented all the facts leading up to that fateful trip. With two different scenarios offering an explanation of the mystery that is Amelia Earhart.

The Donnelly Tragedy

​Revenge and death in the 1800's plains of Canada. Newspaper accounts of a small town that carries out revenge and retribution against some of their own and a murderous spree occurs. Chronicles one of Canada's greatest murders and over 18 woodcut reproductions that appeared in the newspapers at the time of the events are reproduced.

Battle Group Peiper

​​Joachim Peiper, honored as a soldier during the war, punished as a criminal after the war. The famous Panzer division that led the Ardennes Offensive, also known as the Battle of the Bulge. This tells the tale of the young commander as he spearheaded the offensive. Time was of the essense and he sacrificed tanks, his own men, and when it came time to take prisoners...he shot them instead. In what is now known as the Malmedy massacre, Peiper's reputation would forever be linked to his slaughter of prisoners rather than his battlefield prowess.

Jack the Ripper

Although Jack the Ripper is incorrectly labeled as the first serial killer, his killing spree has captivated the world's attention for over 125 years. His identity still remains a mystery and within this publication the primary suspects and victims are depicted and discussed with this thoroughly research publication. Making it an excellent resource for Jack the Ripper followers.


The saga that many believe led to the beginning of the decline of the British global empire, especially in colonial Africa. Zulunation is the story of how a band of African Zulu warriors brought the world's greatest empire to its knees. Based on true events.


Graphic novel that depicts the ten year Trojan War told by Homer's Illiad. However this publication tells the story from the human perspective instead of those of the Gods. This publication also covers the events leading up to the war itself and the war's tragic end.

While 50 Million Died

Scenes and events of WWII. Covered are such topics as the Nazi concentration camps to the tremendous battles in Russia. This publication is stuffed full of illustrations and photographs. Not comic style art but short blurbs of facts, quotes, notables, factoids, etc. accompanied by pictures, cartoons, and spot illustrations.

Cortez and the Fall of the Aztecs

Soon after the New World was "discovered", an ambitious man set forth to make his fame and fortune. He sailed his ships to a strange land to embark on his quest and when he arrived, he saw a vast and brutal empire laid out before him. It was an empire with destruction and death as it honor. It was an empire that stretched its tentacles of fear for 100's of miles. It was an Aztec empire built upon the foundation of bones laced with the temptation of gold.

El Cid

El Cid tells the story of the life of one of history's greatest warriors. As Spain was under siege from chronic warfare from the wave of Islam sweeping into the Christian nation, small Spanish kingdoms were being carved out across the land. El Cid was instrumental in the quest to unify Spain under one ruler. Later banished by his own king, El Cid continued to bring victories in the name of his Lord and fight with and against both Christian and Muslim.

Dinosaurs: An Illustrated Guide

From Charles Yates comes an illustrated book that covers a wide range of Dinosaurs. In addition to the many full page wonderfully drawn illustrations, there are numerous smaller pieces and text outlining many of the different dinosaurs and theories of their existence and extinction.

Mythologies Mistresses

A inside look at some of the women found throughout history's legends and mythology. Each mistress entry has a description and is presented by drawn images by many different artists.