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Written by: Gary Reed, Charles Yates

Illustrated by: Charles Yates

In this Caliber Comic single release collection, noted artist Charles Yates delivers a series of stunning dinosaur illustrations with over nearly 60 pages from the flesh-eating carnivores to the gigantic herbivores that ruled the Earth for 100s of millions of years.

Included within the publication are some text descriptions for educational purposes, but it is the masterful illustrations, meticulously researched that will delight fans of all ages. With the staggering success of the Jurassic Park series, interest in the dinosaurs has reached an all-new frenzy and this is the perfect book for dinosaur lovers young and old everywhere.

Also features information on the various classifications of dinosaurs, and some popular theories as to the demise of the great beasts. 

Published as 64 page graphic novel

Black and White print

All Publishing rights available

Dinosaurs: An Illustrated Guide