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Picked by Max Brooks (World War Z) as one of his favorite war graphic novels!

Written by: Don Lomax

Illustrated by: Don Lomax

An up close personal account of some of the events and conflicts that took place during the Vietnam War. In the same vein as Platoon and Tour of Duty.

Published as a 9 graphic novel series

Black and White print

All Publishing and Media rights available

The acclaimed series from Don Lomax, nominated for a Harvey Award, is presented in a series of graphic novels collecting his entire series.  Picked by Entertainment Weekly as “a graphic novel you should own" and recommended by the Military History Book Club, Vietnam Journal is completely written and drawn by Don Lomax, a Vietnam War veteran.


The on-going series follows Scott Neithammer, a freelance reporter the troops have nicknamed "Journal". As an embedded reporter, Niethammer has a single minded focus and obsession to report the controversial war from the "grunt’s" point of view and to hell with the consequences.



“Even today, Vietnam Journal is one of the most gritty and brutally honest war stories ever published.” enthuses Brian Cronin over at Comic Book Resources.


“Vietnam Journal by Don Lomax is the best comic book portrayal of Vietnam I have ever read. It’s probably one of the best works ever put down in any art form about the war.” - Daniel Robert Epstein


“A powerful collection of stories and history of the Vietnam War, created by a veteran of both the war and of war comics” - Douglas P. Dave, School Library Journal


“…hits home…Lomax should be commended heartedly” - David Peattie, Amazing Heroes


“Gritty and excellent.” - Doug Ikemi


 “Lomax bases his fictional work on his real experiences in Vietnam in 1966, with powerful results.  It is Lomax's concern for average soldiers that, in the end, makes his work significant.” - Publishers Weekly


“This is, without a doubt, the most graphic, realistic and emotionally powerful portrayal of the Vietnam War that's ever been seen in comic form.” - Jason E. Aaron, Wizard’s 2008 Best Writer


“..the best war comic in more than 35 years…grade A+” - Don Thompson, Comic Buyers Guide


“Vietnam Journal is a powerful work.” - Marcia Allass, Sequential Tart


“…against the stereotype of the Vietnam veteran…vivid…convincingly drawn.” - Leonardo Rifis, peace activist, Comics Journal


“Powerful…you must buy this book.” - Tony Isabella


“For those of us who were there, it looks like the real thing.” - Jim Hastings, Chapel Hill, NC

Vietnam Journal