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STRANGE DETECTIVE MYSTERIES is a science-fiction fantasy where several of the leading creative minds of the early 1900s are brought together to solve the mystery of Edgar Allan Poe’s murder and discover a conspiracy that threatens to destroy all time and reality!


This story brings together several notable names from history some of whom are now more popular than ever. Because of its science-fiction and horror aspects, it will appeal to fans of both genres with its exciting action and thrills. Audiences who have enjoyed such films as LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, DARK CITY and BLADE RUNNER and fans of Steampunk literature will enjoy the technological and time travel aspects of the plot.


Set in 1902 America here a series that has action, drama, crime, murder, and a bit of steampunk added in for flavor.  Arthur Conan Doyle, HG Wells, Harry Houdini, Nikola Tesla, and Bat Masterson are brought together to solve the mysterious death of Edger Allan Poe. Some believe that he was murdered. And now the group soon discovers during the course of their investigation a hideous evil could be at work that could consume the world.


Story Overview


STRANGE DETECTIVE MYSTERIES begins with famed Western lawman Bat Masterson summoned to a mysterious meeting in 1902 New York City. Upon arriving, he finds several others have been summoned. These men are some of the most brilliant minds of the new century; H. G. Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini and Nikola Tesla. When they are finally greeted by their aged host, Robert Tyler, they find that this rich patron has brought them together to solve the mystery of the murder of America’s foremost literary genius, Edgar Allan Poe.


Tyler was the lover of a former President’s deceased son who had, in his youth, been the friend of Poe. Before his death, Poe had given this friend many of his papers and a secret journal that Poe had kept which he called his ‘murder diary’. In it, Poe wrote down his investigation of a secret organization that he had stumbled upon which reached back through time and the halls of the most powerful people on the planet. But Poe had written it all in code and died mysteriously before he could pass along the key.


For years, Tyler’s lover had tried to crack the code to no success and could not risk showing it to others. Now reaching the end of his own life, Tyler has risked taking these men into the secret in the hopes that they can crack the code and find out why Poe was murdered and what secret he took to the grave.


The truth that Poe discovered and was killed to keep silent is that human history has been guided and shaped by three mysterious individuals called “The Three-In-One”. They are the embodiment of the Masonic trinity called “Jah-Bul-On”. They have been trapped in this reality for centuries and exist throughout time but without the ability to break free and escape. The story of STRANGE DETECTIVE MYSTERIES is about their efforts to complete a ritual of murder and sacrifice (using their devoted cultists including Jack the Ripper) that would allow them to finally destroy time and leave this reality to return to their own alternate dimension.


This highly visual concept is perfectly adaptable to other media. The use of historical characters provides a high degree of name-recognition and these would also transfer easily to other merchandising tie-ins.

Written by: Sam Gafford

Artist: Rosaria Battiloro

​Created by: Terry Pavlet, Sam Gafford

A Unique Crime Drama Utilizing Some of Histories Famous Individuals at the Turn of the Last Century

Released as a 4-issue series and graphic novel

Black and White print

All publishing and media rights available

Strange Detective Mysteries