Published as 4 comic issues & graphic novel

Color print

All Publishing and Media rights available

From best-selling author Stefan Petrucha (MARVEL's Captain America, Deadpool).


Welcome to A-Time, not another dimension, not a parallel world, but your very own neighborhood bereft of linear time! Here, past, present and future merge like expressway off-ramps. Here, bestial six legged Quirks can alter the future, Glitches of powerful emotion swarm once-stable lives, and Archetypes leave (big) footprints.


After a nervous breakdown, genius double-doctorate Harry Keller wasn’t looking for A-Time, but he found it. Like many explorers before him, he soon learns that the terra incognita is dazzling and dangerous, because whatever happens in A-Time also has an effect here, from benign to devastating. And, just like those explorers, Harry Keller thinks he’s the first. Being wrong, of course, he stumbles onto a devious plan to have Ronald Reagan re-elected president (yes, this takes place in the late 80’s), so he can die in office and fulfill the Zero Curse! And yes, in context, it makes total sense!


Can Harry set things right before he’s locked away for keeps?


Written by: Stefan Petrucha

Illustrated by: Tom Sutton, Paul Mounts

“Readers will witness a rare event in comic books, the introduction of a major new talent, Stefan Petrucha.  Even more amazing is that this intense, well-written, highly original book is the first comic book Petrucha has ever written!” - Suspended Animation weekly radio comic review 


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