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"Reed is one of the most under-rated comic writers around" - The Comics Review


"Blistering Good!" - Rue Morgue Magazine


"If you're looking for something far different than the ordinary, something with a little more literary bite with stories much more intellectually stimulating , you must pick up Gary Reed's Of Scenes and Stories." - Newsarama: Best Shots


"..oh my god! Check out the diverse stories in this book! You have everything in here! Drama, horror, paranormal, famous fictional characters, historical stories, murder stories, detective stories and everything else in the mix!  It will take some long hours to finish it all, but you will be entertained all the way through!” -


"Reed has a lot of excellent ideas, and it would be nice to see more creators tackle a wide variety of genres and themes instead of pigeon-holing themselves." - Comics Should be Good


"Reed is a very literary comics writer, one with a very sound base in much of the classic literature that inspired comics. That often helps to give Reed's writing a real feeling of depth and power." - Jason Sacks, Silver Bullet Reviews


"...Reed is not just a writer, but a storyteller and storytelling is almost a lost art in comics." - Tim Janson, Amazon


"...the gifted Gary Reed, whose talent for the macabre rivals that of H.P. Lovecraft and whose adept comic book storytelling matches that of Steve Niles." - BookLoons


Artist: Galen Snowman

This Is Only A Test

Artist: Guy Davis


Artist: Vince Locke

The Red Diaries

Artist: Christopher Jones, Laurence Campbell, Larry Shuput


Artist: Chris Woznaik, John Lowe, Guy Davis

No-Man's Land

Artist: Charles Yates

A Monster's Tale

Artist: Dalibor Talajic


Artist: Chris Massarotto & Ted Pertzborn


Artist: Galen Showman, Guy Davis, Jim Calafiore, David Mack


Artist: Philip Xavier

To Feed the Monster

Artist: Mark Bloodworth

The Visit

Artist: Ken Landgraf

The Realm

Artist: Patrick Zircher

The Beatles

Artist: R.G. Taylor

Saint Germaine

Artist: Vince Locke & Mike Perkins

A Christmas Tale

Artist: Andy Bennett


True Love

Artist: Mark Bloodworth & Vince Locke

Baker Street

Artist: Guy Davis

For a Poet Dying Young

Artist: Galen Showman

Raven Chronicles

Artist: Craig Brasfield & Jerry Foley

Quote the Raven

Artist: Avido Khahaifa


Artist: Michael Gaydos

The Caretakers

Artist: Paul Daly


Artist: Dalibor Talajic


Artist: Ron McCain & Nate Pride


Artist: Mitch Waxman


Artist: David HIll

Amazing Mr. Holmes

Artist: Wayne Reid


Artist: Lavel Ng

The Body Snatchers

Artist: Nate Pride

Ghost Sonata

Artist: Andy Bennett

Murder of the Mad Monk

Artist: Michael Lark

Single 320 page Graphic Novel

Black and White

All Publishing and Media rights available

A collection of 32 short stories and selected scenes from the diverse writing career of Gary Reed. Author of hundreds of comics and graphic novels, Reed's insightful stories were illustrated  by some of today's top artists. Each selection is introduced with notes from Reed regarding the individual scenes, stories, and artists.

Of Scenes and Stories