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From the martini crowd at the uptown piano bars to the whiskey cats at downtown's Skylarks, piano man Dean Fontessa had thought he'd seen it all. But when he agrees to beat chops with the local pounders about a nixed out gabriel, he finds the jazz crowd takes care of its own. Do you dig?

A murder mystery set in a 1957 jazz club, with illustrations inspired by '50s album cover designs that give this comic book story a unique style all its own.

Written and designed by Gary Scott Beatty (Mis-Adventures of Adam West, Vincent Price Night Terrors).

"...absolutely captures the flavor of jazz clubs in the late '50s. It's unlike any other comic out there. A fantastic blend of art and text." - Paul Bishop, Bish’s Beat.

"The imagery and the loose but controlled rhythm of the writing brilliantly evoke the sights, sounds and smoky atmosphere of a bygone era." - Matt C., Paradox Comics.

Jazz: Cool Birth

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Written by: Gary Scott Beatty

Illustrated by: Gary Scott Beatty