Infinity: A Tale of the Inferno

Published as 6 comic issues and graphic novel

Color print

All Publishing and Media Rights Available

When an immortal serial killer murders his wife and traps her soul in Hell, Detective John Dante acquires a mysterious glyph which allows him to cheat death and navigate the Nine Circles in a desperate attempt to save her. On this infernal journey, he must face hordes of lost souls, the monstrous three-headed dog Cerberus, and a demonic revolution intended to shake the foundations of reality itself. Will the love that he carries in his heart be enough or will the dark Pit swallow him whole?

"Chad Strohl has scripted a plot full of dark revelations and bright flashes of optimism through a non-linear narrative. The full story is revealed to the reader in pieces, shifting back and forth between flashback and current events as Detective John Dante navigates the realms of the damned. The tactic works out very well here because it lets the reader follow along without falling into the trap of thinking we know what’s going on." -

Written by: Chad Stohl

Illustrated by: Kamil Boettcher, Lukasz Marko

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