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Written by: Dante & Eric Jackson

Illustrated by: Gustave Dore

Published over two comic issues

Black and White print

All Publishing rights available

Dante’s Inferno is one of the great classic works of literature. It remains as one of the most enduring works ever printed. Inferno is the first part of a trilogy called The Divine Comedy with Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradise being the three components. Here, as a Caliber publication, comic writer Eric Jackson does a modern translation in blank verse to convey the majesty in Dante’s work. Accompanying the work are magnificent illustrations from Gustave Dore from his own work on Dante’s Inferno which didn’t feature full text. This wonderful collection of an adaptation and Dore’s masterful art provides a spellbinding classic for today’s world. Each issue also explores the stanzas of Dante’s original work and background on Dante himself.

Dante's Inferno