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Sci-Fi horror set in another universe

Written by: Joe Martin, Don Hillsman

Illustrated by: Joe Martin, Don Hillsman

​Published over 7 comic book issues

Full Color print

All Publishing and Media rights available

A million galaxies away, a millennia ago, the Numenians traveled to the very core of their planetary system. What they found was an enormous colorless orb, the blackest black and ten-thousand stars in diameter. Its energy measurements read beyond the scale of comprehension. Two hundred years of experimentation led them to the utilization of this energy they dubbed Ebonous. It ran their machines, it powered their homes, it became their every day source of energy. matured. gained sentience.


And it was evil.


The Ebonous began to contort and initiated a process of massive consumption. It ate life. It twisted and roiled, it gave off side-effects: cataclysmic storms, quakes, gravitational surges...and Daemons. The hybrid "children of the Storm", these ravenous beasts preyed on the Numenians in great numbers. The Stormwalkers were founded in order to combat the Daemons and to protect the inhabitants form the ravaging forces of Ebonous.


But it was not enough. Eventually came the Day of Obliteration. A day when the Ebonous gorged itself upon the entire world. Those who made it off world, or who were already stationed elsewhere, were the only survivors of their species. They fled, but how far could they go? The Ebonous was growing. It transcended space, dimensions, perhaps even time. It was not bound by the limitations of physics or logic as understood by the Numenians.


And the Ebonous continues to grow. The tide of destruction known as Daemonstorm continues to reach further. And no one can stop it. It consumes entire worlds, perhaps entire galaxies, and it is coming this way.


This story arc concludes in Daemonstorm: Stormwalker. It runs through special editions of other Caliber Comic series: Oz, Deadworld, LegendLore, and Kilroy. The story line is tailored so that these issues can be read as part of the ongoing thread, or can be enjoyed as simply self-contained stories.