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Written by: Gary Reed

Illustrations by: Various

An introduction to the famed Tarot Cards with each of the Major Arcana cards illustrated by a different comic book artist. Included within this publication is a brief history of the cards and a look at the Minor Arcana.


Written and compiled by Gary Reed

Featuring illustrations of the Tarot Cards by:


Aimee Anderson

Mark Bloodworth

Chris Caldwell

Tony Casteel

Anjie Conway

Joseph Cooper

Setrh Damoose

Jim Demick

Don England

Anna Garavaglia

Bruce Gerlach

Robert Knight

Vincent Locke

John Marroquin

Tony Miello

Kelly O’Hara

Terry Pavlet

Nate Pride

Bill Pulkovski

MV Romanova

Derek Rook

Jason Westlake

Ted Woods

Published as 68 page graphic novel

Black and White print

All Publishing and Media rights available

Book of Tarot