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Collecting the popular web comic series. A sci-fi adventure about a group of talented yet misfit teenagers surviving in a post-apocalyptic world!

Written by: Andy Dudak

Illustrated by: Andy Dudak

"Fantastically unique and confident... Engaging art and a story that hooks you with its puzzles." -

Published as a 100 page graphic novel

Black and White print

All Publishing and Media rights available

October 30th, 2151. Devil’s Night.


Traditionally a celebration of havoc, the night before Halloween has long been dedicated to spray paint and fire, to the destruction of property for its own sake. And the impulse behind this frenzied "holiday" is alive and well and still practiced in the 22nd century.


But teenage mischief in the futuristic Age of Nanotechnology is complicated. For young vandals Bardo, Shiyu, and Dwyer, visionary tactics may not be enough as they traverse a wasteland in search of adventure. To keep the spirit of their egg-throwing forebears alight, perilous alchemy and shapeshifting the elements is required. And unleashing such power will bring enemies as well as the threat of the authorities, and open a deadly abyss that could very well swallow its makers whole.

The Assemblers