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A half human, half zombie female hybrid journeys to New Orleans and its zombie infested burrows to learn the source of the apocalyptic nightmare

A story spun off from the popular Deadworld comic series. Half zombie, half human Tattoo begins to piece together the answers to the question of how to stop the apocalyptic onslaught of zombies and why there are an increasing number of “intelligent” zombies. The search leads her to New Orleans, the city of the dead. There she teams with a gang of humans called Blues before continuing her quest for the “gate opener”.  But the scheming Rasta Man teams up with the Voodoo Queen in a plan to rid New Orleans of the human vengeance squad who feel that they have the moral blessing to win the war. But as Tattoo and the Blues have succeeded in getting the ‘Gatekeeper’ away from the zombies  they are soon tracked down by the Rasta Man and his legion of undead in an all-out battle for the city.

Published as 4 issue comic series and graphic novel

Black and White print

All Publishing and Media rights available

Written by: Stuart Kerr & Ralph Griffith

Illustrated by: Jake Jacobsen, Jason Baumgartner