Written by: Matt Duplisea

Illustrated by: Matt Duplisea

The modern world is on the brink of war between humans and Infinites—people born with the gift of biological ‘immortality’ for their cells do not degenerate. Using fear as an excuse to mask their envy, humans have tried to replicate Infinites’ gifts... and not with the most humane methods. Caught in the middle is Dante, a human and former detective struggling to figure out his place in an increasingly divided and vicious world—and Sarena, an Infinite soldier from a hidden village that’s a refuge for her race. Fate has thrown them together on a journey through the war, and two people who couldn’t be more different find that their pasts are on a collision course with one another. A fascinating story about individuals, who, during the course of their lives, suddenly discover they do not age while their loved ones around them do and yet they still can be killed by normal means if caught.


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Published as 12 comic issues and 3 graphic novels

Color print

All Publishing and Media Rights Available