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How would life be different today if prohibition had never ended? Would history have changed? What would have become of Elliott Ness' ongoing battles with the mob bosses and bootleggers of his time? Well, here's your chance to find out.


Twenty years after the fall of Capone and the rise to fame of Ness comes a new group of Treasury agents code-named Untouchables. Led by the Ness-like commanding officer, Joe Tarpley, this rag-time, bunch of misfits and sharpshooters are out to take their city back. Crime, like prohibition has not gone away. Corruption runs rampant through the Chicago police force and a new generation of mobsters have taken control of the city. Prohibition now includes not only liquor, but tobacco and firearms. In this new puritan era, gambling seems to be the only vice allowed by law, so casinos have sprouted up around the city-rivaling the neon-glory of Las Vegas. Gun fights, car chases, informants, gangsters, cops, nightclubs and sexy dames galore can be found throughout this hard-boiled, alternate take on the days of the mob and the officers who hunted them.


In the 1930's, there was the New Deal...In the 60's, it was the New Frontier...and now, it is another new era...The New Morality.


Drugs remain against the law...Firearms have been banned...Tobacco has been made illegal...and once again, Alcohol is Prohibited.


In a groundswell of conservatism and religious morality, a new era in America has been born. The American government, after centuries of straddling the fence of responsibility and individual rights, decides that it must make a moral stand to insure the future of the American people and lead them into a new era of righteousness.


Harkening back to the roots which were the base of the nation, the people and their representatives turned to the doctrines of morality which the government felt was their duty to impose for the good of all.


Dangerous substances like drugs were already prohibited. Tobacco and alcohol were limited to adults and served no good will purposes. They too, were relegated to the realm of Drugs and banned totally. Firearms, dangerous in the hands of those who might protest the law, were strictly curtailed and allowed for recreational use such as target practice and hunting.


It was a hope for a new America, an America returned to the moral upstanding of its forefathers. An America destined for enlightenment.


But it was also an America drenched in years of an undercurrent of crime, a cartel that fed the sinners and teased the law-abiding with the allure of the dangerous.


Organized Crime is revitalized and taken to new heights. The Mafia breaks out of its lethargic state and flexes long thought lost muscles. The Yakuza moves in from Japan, sensing a new territory to exploit. The Black Hand is reborn as are the Westies and the mob for hire, Murder Inc. New gangs form from the immigrants as the Koreans, Chines, Vietnamese, Arabs, Cubans, and dozens of other nationalities form their own gangs for safety and of course, profit.


Civic officials are overwhelmed. Crime below them on the streets joins the graft that goes on above in the boardrooms. They find themselves in a lonely position of danger and denial. It is a war that cannot be won so many decide to do the safe and secure thing, they join them.


In this era where Prohibition do the crimelords...and the bootleggers...and the slayers...


The Untouchables is a series that looks at what might have happened if Prohibition was never repealed and in fact to include other substances such as drugs and tobacco. Forming a new team with the mysterious disappearance of Eliot Ness, the new Untouchables must struggle not only against the crime bosses but the corruption within their own ranks.

Written & Created by: Joe Pruett, Gary Reed

Artist: John Kissee, Chris Dreier

What if Prohibition never ended and other vices in America were included in this ban. Who would stand between the criminal organizations and enforce these laws?

Released as a graphic novel and 5 issues

Black and White print

All publishing and media rights available