The Bobcat

Described as the Native American Black Panther. 1898 Indian Territory. Will Firemaker is a Cherokee Blacksmith who is finding out that the world of ancient lore and myth of his Tribe, that Will had always thought of as tribal fairytales, are actually true, and they’re telling him he must replace his best friend from the animal kingdom, The Great Cat, as a guardian of the people. This sends him down a path of shock and disbelief as beings from the ancient past begin to manifest themselves in the world of reality. And as malevolent forces rise up in the wake of the fledgling Industrial Age, the future rushes head on into the Old West. Tahlequah will never be the same...

Written by: James Hostler

Illustrated by: Jim Mehsling

Ongoing series currently published as 2 comic issue

Color print

All Publishing and Media Rights Available

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