Written by: Gregg Kendrick

Illustrated by: Ed Herrera

The Scythe

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Published as single comic book issue

Black and White print

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There is a new grim reaper and his name is The Scythe.


Capable of installing fear into others, he exacts revenge for the murder of his wife and son. Plagued by the laughter of the men who killed his family, The Scythe lives in a twisted world and is on the fringe of madness.


The Scythe is the pained story of psychiatrist Richard Smythe. He seemed to have it all, a great job, a beautiful wife, and a loving child. But happiness can also breed a false sense of security. To Smythe, this truth horribly became reality when his wife and child are tragically and brutally slaughtered...as he was forced to look on, helpless to prevent their murder. Sickened by his fear and powerlessness, Smythe begins to fall deeper and deeper into despair...a despair that can only be lifted by vengeance and atonement. An atonement that can only be given by a dark vision of death. But is true retribution for his family that he seeks, or something deeper within the carcass that is now his soul?

The Crow meets Hellraiser in a tale of revenge