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Released as a five  issue series and graphic novel

Black and White print

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He is a man without a name...without a memory. He is a man without a past…and apparently without a future.


As he tries to discover the secret of his past and his name, he finds himself drawn into an ancient

battleground which has its basis in the bloodthirsty rites of the supposedly extinct Aztec Empire.


The violent sacrifical rituals of the sun worshipping tribe somehow hold a key to his past but he must delve deeper into those horrible ceremonies for the secrets, knowing that if he survives, he will have to live with the answers.




The ancient Aztecs believed that Spanish explorer Cortez was the prophesied King of Kings, the evening star, Quetzalcoatl, returning to destroy the Aztecs and their Empire. Cortez' arrival signaled the end of the world as the Aztec's knew it. During the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire an unfortunate Spanish soldier's life was forever changed. This Unknown Soldier was captured by the Aztecs during the siege of Tenochtitlan and was offered as a sacrifice to their sun god, Huitzilopochtli, in the hope of his help in striking against their enemies. His heart was cut from his chest and offered to the war god as tribute, but something unusual happened. The man did not die. Suddenly Huitzilopochtli appeared before his minions and the sacrificial soldier and eats the man's heart — in essence his soul — and has his skin flayed and pealed from his body — robbing him of his identity. Huitzilopochtli cursed the captured soldier to a never-ending life of agony and pain, walking the earth as a soulless, emotionless being to bear witness to the destruction that Huitzilopochtli will bring upon the Earth for the loss of his empire. The poor Spaniard man who has lost his soul and his identity becomes known only as "The Nameless". The only way to regain his lost soul is to kill every believer left on Earth who worships Huitzilopochtli. An eternity has now passed and The Nameless now finds himself drawn to the streets of modern day Mexico City in his never-ending quest to regain his soul.


But things have changed for in this modern world The Nameless is now a homeless derelict, clothed in stolen rags and always wearing full-bodied clothing to hide his flayed skin and dark sunglasses to hide his pupiless eyes — the sign that marks him as soulless. Being an orphan himself and even though he is devoid of most human emotions, The Nameless has taken it upon himself to help the unwanted street children of Mexico City by supplying them with food, clothing and, when needed, protection — perhaps he sees a bit of himself in these children and doesn't want them to follow along the same paths as he once did. These children have become prostitutes and/or thieves, addicted to the readily available glue that they sniff to escape the horrid conditions of their reality. Often when these children emerge in the night they are shot without mercy or pity by policemen - "death squads" led by a corrupt police chief, Miguel Marquez - who leave the bodies where they lay, dead. Or even worse they are captured and taken for ritual sacrifice by followers of Huitzilopochtli or feed to the god's demon creatures. These are the forgotten children of Mexico City - the street children. And this devotion to these unfortunate children and his quest to regain his stolen soul will lead The Nameless to an ultimate encounter with his ancient nemesis, Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec's god of war.


Brief Description: A violent no holds barred excursion into the realm of the ancient forces and sacifices of the bloodthirsty Aztecs as a man with no memory struggles against those same demonic forces. And attempts to protect the innocent from being a part of the horror.


Key Elements: Mystery, violence, supernatural forces, historical tie ins to an ancient Empire that ruled much of Central and South America until the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors.

A man with no name must battle Aztec gods and demons on the streets of Mexico City

The Nameless

Written & Created by: Joe Pruett

Artist: Phil Hester, Bruce McCorkindale, Ande Parks