Kilroy is a being of unknown origin and power who has wandered the earth since the beginning of time. He is mysteriously attracted to scenes of human suffering, yet he does not completely understand why he must seek out the anguish of the innocent, nonetheless, it is a fate that he has reluctantly been forced to accept. Kilroy is an exacting force of vengeance that realizes no boundaries, nor limitations.


Kilroy is an enigmatic character that is able to explore different topics that span the centuries and is not merely limited to the present day. He is not a time traveler, but rather has lived throughout recorded history which enables for a very wide venue for various story options.


The main focus of Kilroy Is Here is to explore and expose historical and political cover-ups of the past and present, as well as touch on many of today’s most controversial topics: spousal abuse, crack addicts, political injustices, starving children of third world countries, the mistreatment of the Khurds in Iraq, the inner city, Josef Stalin’s dictatorship, among many other relevant topics.



Brief Description: A dark moody saga of a man who stalks the earth searching out those who harm the innocent. His retribution is swift and total, yet even he must question his role in doling out justice.


Key Elements: Capable of traversing time and location, Kilroy can cover any era. There is a mystery element as well for Kilroy has to determine the true nature of the crime before he can act and sometimes the answers aren’t exactly clear.


Association: Kilroy Is Here incorporates the mystery element of The Hitchhiker and the relevance of Quantum Leap into one title.


Format: Kilroy is perfectly suited to an on-going serial and the range of storylines is unlimited. It continues as an on-going series with 12 issues released in addition to a multitude of short stories that have appeared in various anthologies.



"Appropriately somber, with an unusual sense of history, it promises mystery, tragedy, and a certain painful catharsis. This one’s definitely worth a look." - Paul Chadwick, creator, Concrete


"Captures a timeless essence, as though tapping into something far more primal in mankind." - Comic Shop News


"Do yourself a favor and pick this one up." - Overstreet Monthly


"Disturbing and thought-provoking-just what a good comic should be!" - Lamar Waldron, creator, MICRA

Written & Created by: Joe Pruett

Artist: Ken Meyer Jr., various

An avenging being stalks the Earth attempting to dispense justice and battle evil

Released as 12 issue series and number of short stories

Black and White print

All publishing and media rights available

Kilroy Is Here

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