From Mike Carey, writer of the critically acclaimed 'Lucifer' DC Comic, now on FOX and writer on such comic titles as Fantastic Four, X-Men, Thor, and Batman.

And from artist Michael Gaydos co-creator of Netflix's Jessica Jones.

"A work of genius on the dark fantasy genre."

- Comics International

Published as 5 issue comic book & graphic novel

Black and White print

All publishing and media rights available




A mysterious man in a mysterious city.


A city infested with corruption...fueled by sin...and justice is independent of the laws.


At the heart of the netherworld is the city called Inferno...a sprawling, endless mass made up of fragments of every earthly city that ever existed. Its inhabitants are the damned, the desperate...those whom redemption cannot touch.


When John Travis is murdered, it is to Inferno that his spirit comes. But it’s all a mistake...Travis’ killers were looking for someone else. Now Travis finds himself both pawn and prize in a deadly game between different factions he doesn’t understand and the stakes include both his immortal soul and his memory of a past life.


Travis has his allies, of course, including the prophet Nostradamus and the woman Shule Borraial who has the ability to transform into a winged beast. Together they’re prepared to risk their own souls to get Travis back into the Inferno city in one piece.


But why do they claim to have met Travis before? Could it be that he is the only resident of Inferno to ever escape and make it back to the real world.


And why did they have him killed?


Inferno is more than the saga of a loner trying to make sense of a strange and terrifying world in which he is thrown into. It is the story of the city itself which seems to permeate its own evil life through the streets and all of its inhabitants. Can one man make a difference?



Brief Description: At the heart of the netherworld is the city of Inferno, a sprawling endless mass made up of fragments of every earthly city that ever existed. Its inhabitants are the damned, the desperate, those whom redemption cannot touch. One man arrives, only to discover he was there before!


Association: Somewhat akin to part of Total Recall in that a man finds out he had a past he never knew about. But does he have to die in order to discover it?


Key Elements: Hell (although alluded to, not specified). A man without a past or memory. Guest stars such as Nostradamus. A world of gloom and despair, yet hope still lives.


Additional: The concept of Inferno could bring in a great many villains from the past and explore many historical and sociological upheavals.



"It's in these self-contained stories that we see how talented Carey is. His imagination and appreciation of the human heart make for storytelling that is both entertaining and thought-provoking." -

Written by: Mike Carey

Illustrated by: Michael Gaydos

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