Gapo the Clown is the host of Gapo’s Super Happy Fun Show, a top rated children’s television show. Because he's on TV kids and parents love him, but everyone that works with him sees him as the rude, disgusting, sloppy drunk he really is. His lack of morals and human decency are always leading him and the poor people around him into odd situations that lead to hilarity.


See Gapo do battle with a murderous sidekick, be re-united with his family of side show freaks, give birth to a Tape Worm, get setup on a scary blind date,  be imprisoned at a hellish theme park, fall victim to a stalker and be escorted through the wondrous land of children's television by his spirit animal.


Gapo the Clown: Big, Fat and Greasy collects every black and white strip (over 370 strips in all) and a couple of strips that had not been seen before, making this the complete black and white Gapo the Clown collection.

Gapo the Clown

"This collection of comic strips is infused with the same underdog maverick spirit that seems to be in the DNA of anything born of the Motor City."- Bill Morrison (Creative Director of Bongo Comics)

"I really got a kick out of Gapo the Clown."- Mick Foley (World Champion Wrestler)

"Gapo the Clown is the Watchmen of drunken clown comics." - Dennis Barger (owner Wonderworld Comics)

A foul-mouth obnoxious clown from the city of Detroit that will leave you in stitches

Written by: Tony Miello

Illustrated by: Tony Miello

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Published as 2 graphic novels

Color and Black/White print

All Publishing and Media rights available

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