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For fans of GAME OF THRONES Arya Stark and The Hound!

"Broken Bear is a comic that from the outset looks as if it’s going to be an incredible read. The art and colors are gorgeous, the cover is quite attractive in its design, there’s a lot of intriguing things going on with the cover that sort of just makes you go “I want to read this.: Thankfully, I’m here to tell you that the book lives up to the hype....Where I do think White truly does break the mold in his adventure is with Selm, the main character. Without getting too much into spoilers she is a very selfish person and even when she attempts to do the right thing stuff always manages to go south very quickly. And this is a character trait that defines her and persists throughout the book. Like many people in real life Selm doesn’t really grow from her experiences, after all she hasn’t been on the road on her own for very long. This is all new to her so what lessons can she actually learn just yet?" - Indie Comix

Broken Bear

Written by: Frankee White, Adam Markiewicz

Illustrated by: Adam Markiewicz, A.H.G.

"BROKEN BEAR deftly balances tricky morals and fantasy horror for an unforgettable journey."

"There is only one word that can describe my reaction to Broken Bear: “wow”.  To try to separate the art and the story is impossible for me; they both combine so flawlessly.  When I saw the first panel, I was instantly hooked. The art style reminds me of an old storybook.  The details are all in the right places with nothing wasted on things you don’t need to follow the story.  It immediately draws your focus to the action." 


It's not easy being a squire. It's even harder being the squire to a legendary knight errant. Selm knows the feeling of living in the shadow of a towering giant all too well, and it sucks. She aches for the chance to become her own person and stake her claim on the world. Upon entering the depths of Pulpwood Swamp, Selm is offered that chance and she takes a treacherous shortcut towards getting the power and strength that she wants...but sometimes shortcuts end up being the longest route. Broken Bear follows Selm's action-packed journey of self-discovery where she must navigate the harsh realities of her newly expanding horizons. However, even if she can survive the onslaught of horrors, at the end of the trail of bodies will Selm still recognize herself?

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