A murder mystery that spans decades and pulls in the lead detective toward a most uncertain ending. 

Released as 7 issue series & graphic novel

Full Color print

All Publishing and Media rights available.

Written by: Charles Chester

Illustrated by: Shiloh Penfield

A serial killer has crippled Glass City using fear, for the better part of a year. Killing to a soundtrack, he mysteriously has tapped into the city’s PA systems and radio frequencies; uniting and terrifying the city in the moments of his murders. The city looks to veteran Detective Drekker to solve this impossible case. Hope comes in the form of an anonymous letter with a tip-off to the ‘Throne of God’s’ next killing site. Racing threw the majestic Glass City with shotgun in tow, Detective Drekker is desperate enough to follow this anonymous letter. Then it happens, the speakers of the city crackle to life, and the song begins to play. But Drekker's thoughts are elsewhere, a place in his mind kept neatly filed away in an evidence locker for twenty years. We journey with Drekker into his past, to one of his first cases ‘The Boogeyman Killings’. In which a small town is plagued by a series of child murders. A case that was thought to have been solved but now seems to be the key to Glass City’s fate.


Detective Drekker is caught between the tangled mysteries that could be incredibly supernatural in nature. As we jump back and forth in time we count to a Zero Moment; the moment that Drekker overlooked. The moment that connects the mysteries and his entire career. All the while a foreboding prediction comes the way of a tip off letter, that if Drekker can’t solve the cases soon - the entire city will burn and crumble, killing millions.

Boy Zero

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